Equinox by Sheila Wild ★★★

IMG_08681Equinox is a contemporary poetry collection by an author who is local to the Lake District. This collection is comprised of short and wonderfully accessible poems that focus largely on nature, animals and one’s surroundings, and it certainly captures what it is like to live in the countryside. This collection is beautiful in tone and has many wonderful, evocative moments.

This poetry collection incorporates a lot of natural imagery, with an emphasis on one’s surroundings here up north and nature. Themes throughout the collection include different animals, trees and plants, the weather and also the countryside during different seasons. As I have been brought up in the Lake District I loved reading about a lot of the topics in this collection; it made me extremely nostalgic, reminding me of being at home surrounded by the countryside. One of the most impressive aspects of this collection was the way some of the poems really induced sensory reactions from me; the author’s descriptions of sound in particular were affecting and beautiful. I would say if you are from this area of the country then you would particularly enjoy these poems, but if you just want some poetry about nature generally you may also enjoy it.


the hind so silent
that when she startles, you hear
the cold sound of frost


The crow’s showing off, facing up to the storm.
He’s perched on the top of a poplar,
making so perfect a silhouette
he might be cut from matte black paper.
The crow makes balance look easy, and perhaps
it is, for one with wings to break his fall,
but even so, the idea of poise seems
important to him. It’s bold and sassy,
the way he holds himself steady
while the wind knocks the tree sideways.

I really enjoyed the style of poetry in this collection. I have not read much poetry with a focus on natural imagery, especially contemporary poetry with such themes – poetry I usually consume usually discusses topics such as issues in contemporary society or personal struggles. Thus, this was quite new to me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it; so much of the poetry was beautiful and affected me in different ways to the way poetry usually does. As well as the enjoyable themes, Sheila Wild’s style of poetry is simple and easy to read and understand; the whole reading experience was enjoyable. Nevertheless, I did not like all of the poems in this collection; while they were not necessarily bad or offensive in any specific way, I just did not connect with all the poems, either not really understanding them or just not getting anything from them. As a whole, this poetry collection did not blow me away, which was slightly disappointing due to how much I enjoyed some of the individual poems.

Overall, I really liked the tone of this poetry collection overall, thoroughly enjoying its focus on nature and the beautiful imagery it produced. If this type of poetry sounds interesting to you I would definitely recommend this collection, especially if you are from, or are near to, the Lake District. While I did not necessarily love this collection I did find a lot of the individual pomes in this collection to be wonderful, and it has certainly encouraged me to read more poetry focusing on the natural environment in the future.


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